The features of Govoni SAS production are:

Electrical Wiring Harnesses

  • Wire/Cable Harnesses & Control Panels for Paving Machinery
  • Wire/Cable Harnesses & Control Panels for Operating Machinery
  • Wire/Cable Harnesses & Control Panels for Earth-moving Machinery
  • Wire/Cable Harnesses & Control Panels for Agricultural Machinery
  • Wire/Cable Harnesses & Control Panels with special cables and in compliance with U.S.A. Automotive Regulation Standards

All goods are manufactured in accordance with Certified Quality procedures and Automotive logic; each production is 100 per cent tested by means of computer systems.


All of our Electrical Wiring Harnesses, as well as our Control and Industrial Automation Panels, are entirely produced in Italy at the Govoni S.A.S. factory located in Formignana (Ferrara province).
Our plant allows production flexibility and assures top quality products.
We are able to perform even small mass-production on customers' specification, starting from Prototype Devices developed by the company itself.
For all kinds of productions, our technical department is able to create screen-printing masters for Control Panels; moreover, short-run production of polycarbonate Keyboards and Control Panels can be directly provided by our factory.
We can provide varnished metal carpentry, pierced and screen-printed aluminium panels (obtained with conventional techniques or by means of oxidation treatments), screen-printed pads, membrane-keyboards and polycarbonate panels available in medium to high run quantities.
For medium and high serial productions, our company is able to provide both traditional and PULL product delivery (PULL-delivery mode allows delivering the articles produced according to specific plots and on established dates, in order to follow the customer's production line).
All products are manufactured in accordance with Certified Quality Standards; each product is 100% tested by means of testing equipments, which must control its right manufacture and the possible presence of short circuits.
We produce braided harnesses making use of US cable thread and special cable (conforming to SAE J1127 – 1128 regulation standard), which allow water flowing and discharge through the harness itself without damaging the electrical contacts of connectors.
Moreover, the cable and thread used in Harnesses production have very good chemical/physical-resistance characteristics:

  • High resistance to atmospheric agents
  • High resistance to chemical products (Hydrocarbons, Oils, industrial Solvents and Cleansers)
  • Very good mechanic resistance to abrasion
  • Resistance to high and low temperatures – Range -54°C (-65°F) - +138°C (+280°F)

We design and produce Electronic Applications based on specific client's requirements.

The printed circuits provided are manufactured in accordance with industrial standard procedures and can be produced in small mass-production as well, with Solder mask and serigraphy on components' side.

By studying the machine planimetry during the construction phase and introducing -on the basis of such planimetry- Template Benches for developing the Wiring Harnesses, we are able to make even very complex systems, all endowed with identical length features. This allows greater assembly simplicity (all branches' lengths exactly fit the various machine's parts) and makes installation errors almost impossible to occur.

Wire cutting and marking are obtained by means of three semi-automatic systems characterized by Ink-Jet or Thermal-transfer Print methods; this allows not only a quicker wire preparation, but also a full personalization of marking based on customer's demands.

Our internal organization operates in accordance with management and organizing standards which are constantly revised and improved; Lean Manufacturing activities (5 S and 6 Sigma) are continually put into effect for all business processes, this involving line operators and sector managers as well.

Industrial Automation

  • Assembly, Wiring and Testing (in compliance with regulation standard) of Industrial Automation Frames and Panels.
  • Making, Testing and Assembly of Dashboards and On-board Devices for Industrial Automation Systems.